Dental Implants in Portland, Oregon

The recent advancement in dentistry over the last few years have been dramatically improving the lives of many. Whereas in the past, many people had to suffer through issues with their teeth and dental implants, both functionally and cosmetically, this is no longer the case. Today’s dental implants allow people to live their lives just as before without.

An Explanation of Dental Implants

Dental implants are necessary for those who have lost their teeth due to time, accidents or issues with cavities. The implants themselves are actually very small, yet strong, titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone in the space where teeth might be missing.

dental implants

These posts serve an anchor for new replacement teeth, with the implant really taking the place of the tooth root. Because titanium is so very strong, it is inserted into the jawbone where it bonds to form an incredibly tight grip. This is going to ensure that the teeth that are then screwed into the post will be very securely set in place.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants serve a number of very important functions. By having these posts set in place, patients can have new dental implants attached that are going to allow them to eat the same foods they could before, improve facial structure, protect the jawbone from potential infections and improve the overall appearance of the teeth and smile.

Many people who have problems with their teeth suffer from far more than just dental issues, including self confidence and embarrassment when smiling or speaking. A dental implant is going to be able to help erase those problems, our patients who have had this procedure done report higher levels of self esteem and a better lifestyle from the simple matter of improving their teeth.

The Types of Dental Implants

There are actually a number of different types of dental implants available to patients, all of which provide dental solutions to very specific problems. A standard dental implant for one tooth is referred to as a crown. With a crown, each specific post has a corresponding crown that attaches to it and fills in for the tooth.

For those patients who need more than one tooth replaced, generally two or even three or more in a row, a bridge is going to be the best option. Unlike with a crown, a bridge does not need a post for every single tooth. There might be only two posts needed in order to replace three teeth, for example.

A fixed bridge can also be used in the case of replacing an entire row of teeth, top or bottom. This fixed bridge will replace all teeth with posts and dental implants, giving patients a brand new set of teeth. These full fixed bridges are so strong and sturdy that only the dentist will be able to remove them once implanted.

Another type of implant is called a removable prosthesis. Something like an over denture would be an example of this. In this scenario, the dentist will provide the patient with a bar or ball in socket implant in the mouth. This dental implant will allow for the removable prosthesis to be fitted and removed by the patient with ease.

The Dental Implant Surgical Procedure

The procedure itself is relatively simple. It does involve two procedures to start, the first will insert the posts into the patients mouth, securing them into the jawbone. After about six months, the dentist will be sure that the posts have been secured to the bone properly and will then go about uncovering the implants.

In this second procedure, the implants are uncovered, and the artificial teeth are then placed onto the anchors and set in their spots. The entire process should take anywhere from six to eight months, depending on the progress from the first oral surgery. Most of our patients find the procedure to move very smoothly and suffer very little discomfort or irritation during the dental implantation.

Are You a Candidate?

If you have been suffering from dental issues and feel that you might be a good candidate for dental implants, please give us a call to set up an appointment. Our dentists will be able to work with you to determine the best course of action based on your own needs and medical history.

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