Root Canals in Portland, Oregon

Although it has a reputation as being quite painful, a root canal is one of the most common endodontic procedures performed at the dentist office.

Root CanalIt is necessary to perform a root canal once the nerves of a tooth have become infected in order to avoid a more serious infection occurring in the tooth. If the infected nerves are not removed and the area of the mouth isn’t treated, it could cause other dental issues such as jawbone loss or an abscess.

There are several situations that may cause an infection of the roots, which would require a patient to need a root canal including:

- Tooth decay
- A crack in the tooth
- An injury or accident that has caused trauma to the tooth
- Loosing a filling

If you’re nervous about the pain from having a root canal performed, don’t be. The tooth and the area around the tooth are numbed using a local anesthetic. Once the area has been frozen, the dentist will use a drill to create a gateway to the canal. The infected roots and tissue will be removed and the canal will be thoroughly cleaned to prevent further infection. The space is then filled with gutta percha, which is a common sealant. In most situations a crown will be used to improve the look of the tooth. Placing a crown will also improve the chances of the root canal being a success.

Advancing technology in dental care has made the root canal experience a much less scary situation for patients than how it used to be. There is very little to no pain as local anesthetics and pain medication is administered to the patient to put them at ease. In fact, many patients report experiencing more pain leading up to the root canal rather than the procedure itself. Following the root canal, patients can expect to experience tenderness and slight soreness, however your dentist may prescribe you painkillers to ease the tension.

Our Dentists specialize in root canals and would be pleased to perform the procedure at any of our dental offices including Milwaukee, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego & NE Portland. Contact us to discuss which treatment option would be best suited for your individual case. While there are risks associated with every procedure, the benefits of a root canal greatly outweigh any risks. Your dentist is available to discuss any concerns or address any questions you may have regarding the root canal procedure.

Our dentists specialize in Root Canals at all our dental offices including Milwaukie, Beaverton,  Hillsboro, Lake Oswego & NE Portland.