Teeth Whitening in Portland, Oregon


A teeth-exposing smile can really go a long way in making a solid impression especially when meeting someone for the first time. A set of shiny and pearly whites can really bring out your best appearance whenever you smile, speak or laugh. Of course, there are those who are conscious of their teeth because it is closer to the shade of yellow than it is the shade of white. Stained teeth can really make you self-aware and hurt your confidence levels.

There are a number of factors that can attribute to a discoloration of the teeth. Habits like smoking and consumption of alcohol, soda, coffee and red wine can cause unsightly teeth stains. Teeth also lose some of its natural whiteness with ageing. The good news is that stained teeth are reversible and can be restored back to its pristine condition with Zoom! Whitening.

Zoom! Whitening at a Glance

There are dozens of teeth whitening systems out there; some come in the form of take-home kits while others are administered in-clinic by a dentist. Zoom! Whitening is a revolutionary method that produces the desired results in far less time than other conventional approaches. With a single application you can achieve a set of glossy white molars in as little as 45 minutes. In just under an hour, your teeth can be whiter by up to eight shades. This is a dramatic leap forward as other methods can only achieve an improvement of up to three or four shades.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Zoom! Whitening is applied by our dentists in a quick, painless and non-invasive procedure. The product comes in the form of a gel that is applied directly over the teeth using a specially designed lighting technology. The gel and light helps to dissolve any discoloration and stains. The method is repeated a total of three to four times in 15 minute increments. There is no need for multiple follow-up visits; just one appointment, and your teeth will be as white as eggshells.

After the procedure, you will be given touch-up trays to help maintain your new pearly whites. Make an appointment today and try the new Zoom! Whitening method for yourself. There are hundreds of reasons to smile, and you are doing yourself injustice by not expressing this positive, universal expression. A brighter smile that you will be proud to show off is just an appointment away.

Reminder: Only natural teeth can be whitened.

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